World Premier in Isle of Man
The BT band performed the world premier of a new piece by Paul …

Michael Fowles the Principal Conductor of the BT Band is a long time friend of Paul Lovatt-Cooper and big fan of Paul’s music. It was Michael who commissioned Paul to write his very successful piece “Horizons” and has commissioned Paul to write a new piece entitled “The Enigma Machine”. The piece has major significance and connection with the band that stems back to WW2. In World War 2 when the Nazi’s used their incredibly complex machine to send encrypted messages to their many military positions around the world, there was a core team who had secured one of the devices and were attempting to decode it.

The team in charge of deciphering the machine and its messages was a team of BT technicians who successfully cracked the code and played a great part in Europe’s victory in WW2.

Paul Lovatt-Cooper’s piece encapsulates the essence of the Enigma Machine, its importance to Germany, the threat to Europe and the part it played in World War Two. Paul has even put morse code messages within the music that real enthusiasts can try to decipher when they hear it played.
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