Second Album "Only for You"

Only for You is the second album of music by Paul Lovatt-Cooper, recorded by Black Dyke Band and directed by Dr Nicholas Childs. It has been three years since the release of the first album of music by Paul Lovatt-Cooper, Walking with Heroes, which has been a stunning success. The album itself has been a best seller and the music featured has been purchased and played by brass bands all over the world.

The music on this follow-up album includes pieces that concert-goers have already enjoyed in performances given worldwide by Black Dyke Band and pieces that have been written more recently. The music on this album encompasses various styles including concert openers and finales, a traditional brass band march, solos, programmatic music, jazz, pop and rock styles to provide the listener with a wide and varied programme to enjoy.

The idea behind the album title was simple. Paul Lovatt-Cooper has had many requests from fans of his music around the world to include certain pieces on this album, all of which have been heard and enjoyed in various concerts. As this album does include many of the requested pieces, it has turned into a private concert of PLC’s music that you can enjoy at your leisure. Therefore the album is quite simply ‘Only for You’.

1. Horizons
2. Wall of Sound
3. Emerald Skies,     Cornet Soloist; Richard Marshall
4. Island Whirl
5. One Day
6. Starburst and Canyons
7. Enchanted Kingdom
8. Home of Legends
9. Song for the Skies,     Tuba Soloist; Joseph Cook
10. On the Castle Green
11. Rondo Alla Turk,     Xylophone Soloist; Paul Lovatt-Cooper
12. Pound the Streets
13. Only for You,     Soprano Cornet Soloist; Paul Duffy
14. Immortal


First Album "Walking With Heroes "

It has always been a dream of mine as a composer to have my music performed and recorded by the best brass band in the world. This CD marks the first volume of recordings of my compositions and is performed brilliantly by the Black Dyke Band under the direction of Dr. Nicholas Childs.

It has been a fantastic experience recording this CD and as the listener I hope it brings you much enjoyment. I am very proud to present the first volume of my compositions Walking With Heroes.

As a listener you are now able to enjoy the music in the comfort of your home. Over a dinner party with friends or while working or playing party poker you can set the ambience with this music. Allow yourself to get carried away by the sound.

1. Walking with Heroes, Paul Lovatt-Cooper, 3.37
2. The Dark Side of the Moon, Paul Lovatt-Cooper, 12.37
3. An Untold Story, Paul Lovatt-Cooper, Sandy Smith (Tenor Horn), 3.54
4. Dream Catchers, Paul Lovatt-Cooper, 12.58
5. The Big Top, Paul Lovatt-Cooper, 1.54
6. The Haunted Halls, Paul Lovatt-Cooper, 9.08
7. Where Eagles Sing, Paul Lovatt-Cooper, 4.03
8. Donegal Bay, Paul Lovatt-Cooper, Gareth Brindle (Baritone), 4.06
9. Vitae Aeternum, Paul Lovatt-Cooper, 9.18


Walking with Heroes – Black Dyke Band
Only For You – Black Dyke Band
Where Eagles Sing – Band of the Army Air Corps
Regional's 2008 – Various
Fields of Remembrance – Grenadier Guards Band
Sirocco - Koninklijke Fanfare Band
Vitae Aeternum – New York Youth Band
Essential Dyke Volume 7 – Black Dyke Band
Essential Dyke Volume 8 – Black Dyke Band
Essential Dyke Volume 9 – Black Dyke Band
Essential Dyke Volume 10 – Black Dyke Band
Its a Musical Life – Leyland Band
Equilibrium – Camberwell Citadel Band
Shine – Les Neish
Monument – Brett Baker with the Black Dyke Band
Celtic Charm – David Childs with the Cory Band
Within Blue Empires – Black Dyke Band
Enter the Galaxies – The Cory Band
Karl Jenkins ‘This Land of Ours’ – The Cory Band
Horizons – Ratby Co-operative Band
A Christmas Carol – Black Dyke Band
Untold Stories – Owen Farr with the Cory Band
National Brass Band Championships 2011 – Various
Out of this World – The Cory Band
Quicksilver – Perry Hoogendijk
A Festival of Christmas Carols - Salvation Army
Welsh Gold Collection: The Great Welsh Singers – Various
Carols and Brass – Black Dyke Band with the Halifax Choral Society
Fire in the Blood – International Staff Band of the Salvation Army
Black Dyke Gold Vol 1 – Black Dyke Band
Elgar Variations – Brass Band Willebroek
A Second from Midnight – Jim Hayes with the Co-operative Funeralcare Band
The Holly and the Ivy – Montclair Citadel Band
Pressing Onward – New York Staff Band
On The Castle Green – 3rd Carrickfergus Band
Ten Years of Best Brass - Brassband Oberφsterreich