New PLC Premier Set for Major Swiss Event
A new commission entitled ‘Platform to the Heavens’ by Paul Lovatt-Cooper will be the featured test piece at a major Swiss Music Festival in May. The Cantonal Vaud and Neuchatel Music Contest is held every 5 years will be held in the Swiss mountain range near Lausanne.

Over 70 different ensembles will gather to compete in the festival and they will enjoy the many events that the festival has to offer.

Paul’s piece Platform to the Heavens was commissioned by The Société Cantonale des Musiques Vaudoises and the Association Cantonale des Musiques Neuchâteloises for the Cantonal Vaud and Neuchatel Music Contest 2013.

The piece takes its inspiration from the mountain ranges from one of my favourite countries, Switzerland.

Paul commented “I have visited the Swiss Alps on many occasions and I am still taken back by its sheer awesome beauty with every visit. This commission gave me the opportunity to pay homage to this wonderful landscape and paint my own musical picture of it".

The piece was performed by over 50 Wind Bands, Harmonie Bands and Brass Bands and will be available to purchase from PLC Music Ltd later this year.
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