Major Television Commission for PLC
CBBC and FremantleMedia have announced the production of a brand new comedy series for children, Strange Hill High.

Created by Bermondsey-based Yoshimi & Katoi, the 13-part BBC One series will be produced using a new proprietary process dubbed "hypervynorama", which combines puppetry with computer graphics to achieve what is described as "real time animation", akin to "Aardman meets Team America". Each of the 22-minute episodes will be its own "mini blockbuster movie".

Described by production company Yoshimi & Katoi as "Grange Hill meets The Muppets in South Park", Strange Hill High is set in a near-forgotten inner-city school where strange is normal. The show follows three friends who take it upon themselves to investigate their school's paranormal, mysterious and other-worldly occurrences.

Writing on the series is being headed by Josh Weinstein, a former executive producer and writer of The Simpsons and Futurama.

The complete musical score will be composed by Paul Lovatt-Cooper which is a major undertaking. Commenting on the music Paul said “Each episode is being treated like a mini movie and each episode will have its own unique style. So it is like composing 13 different soundtracks. I’m really looking forward to working on the show.”

Paul will be working closely with LA based head writer Josh Weinstein along with a cast that includes Emma Kennedy, Doc Brown, Richard Ayoade, John Thomson, Caroline Aherne, Jonathan Keeble, Marc Silk, Melissa Sinden and Ben Bailey-Smith.
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