New York set to honour PLC
A celebration concert in honour of the music of Paul Lovatt-Cooper is due to take place on Sunday March 4th.

The celebration concert will feature the New York Staff Band, The Greater New York Youth Chorus and the Greater New York Youth Band with Paul as the VIP guest of honour.

The concert, held in New York will feature solely the music of Paul Lovatt-Cooper with the various ensembles performing some of Paul's most famous and iconic pieces of recent years. The event, heralded as the New York's 'Profile Night' is an annual event which is in its 33rd year. The very first concert 33 years ago featured the music of Eric Leidzen and has since featured composers Eric Ball, Ray Steadman-Allan and Peter Graham to name but a few.

Event organiser Gordon Ward said "Paul's music is so exciting, engaging and popular so it was an easy decision to feature his music at this prestigious event. The concert will feature Paul's works 'Enter the Galaxies', 'Where Eagles Sing', 'The Home of Legends', 'The Dark Side of the Moon', 'An Untold Story', 'Donegal Bay', 'Horizons' and Paul's latest piece 'Fire in the Blood' which will be the US Premier. Everybody has thoroughly enjoyed working on Paul's music and we are really looking forward to him coming over it should be a very special event."
As well as Paul's music being performed, Paul will also feature as guest soloist performing his arrangement of 'Rondo Alla Turka' on the xylophone.

The New York Youth Chorus will sing Paul's vocal piece 'My Simple Prayer' and Paul will conduct the finale item - a specially arranged version for this concert of his 'Vitae Aeternum'. The finale piece with the massed bands of New York Staff Band and the Greater New York Youth Band will also feature the Greater New York Youth Chorus who will sing the lyrics to 'His Provision' which features in the slow middle section.

Looking forward to the event Paul commented "I am honoured that a concert has been organised to feature just my music - especially in New York! I cannot wait for the event, it is going to be a very special concert."

This concert featuring Paul's music is the first of three this year with PLC travelling to Japan in May and then to Switzerland in September to enjoy concerts of his music.
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