A really busy 2009
Paul has enjoyed great success with new works he has composed for various bands and events in 2009, especially 'Within Blue Empires' used at the English Nationals.

Shortly after, his second major composition of the year, 'Equilibrium' was selected as the test piece for the First Section of the World Championships in Kekrade.

In addition, Paul has also composed a concert piece, 'Angel of the North' for Ferryhill Town Band, a flugal solo, 'Emerald Skies' for Camberwell Citadel, 'Canzona Bravura' for euphonium soloist Martin Smith, a xylophone solo, 'Jack in a Box' for young percussionist Jack Fisher and a soprano solo, 'Some Other Time' for Black Dyke's Paul Duffy.

However, it is his latest major work 'Sleepless Cities', composed for the Championship Section of the Butlins Mineworkers Festival in January that he is particularly excited about.

Speaking about the piece Paul said “It's completely different to your average stereotypical test piece as I have used a lot of very different musical styles”.

He added: “As well as my own classical western compositional style there are musical influences from India, China, Indonesia, Japan and the Middle East, including styles of raga and gamelan music and even the Islamic call to prayer”.

“I have had to do a lot of research into the way musical ideas are composed and performed from other ethnic and cultural sources and incorporate those into the piece. The end product is a test piece approximately 15 minutes long that takes the listener on a musical journey around some of the most exciting and cosmopolitan places in the world.”
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