The Dark Side of the Moon

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This piece is a test piece, suitable for 3rd or 2nd section bands, circa 12’30”

I know from news reports, the internet and other footage that the moon is a very desolate place, very barren and rugged. However, the one place that has had me thinking about is the side of the moon that we don’t see. I can only imagine the eeriness one would feel being stood in complete darkness on the moons surface looking around.

As you slowly explore the surroundings your eyes drift up to the night sky there is an awesome sight unfolding in front of you: Countless stars and galaxies, planets and different solar systems and all right in front of you glistening from the light of the sun beaming from the other side of the moon.

The dark side of the moon portrays a musical picture of the whole experience as seen in my imagination taking the listener from the rugged landscape to the awesome beauty that sits endlessly in front of you.

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Regionals 2008 - Various Bands
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