The Haunted Halls

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This piece is suitable for youth bands or 2nd section bands and upwards. Circa 8’30”.

The idea behind the piece lies with the story of an old haunted boarding school.

The piece originated from a story I imagined where at night ghouls, ghosts and spirits emerge from inside the building’s walls, paintings and surroundings to cause havoc in their desperate attempt to free themselves from the purgatory that is the spirit world by haunting the living.

A group of pupil’s wake, hearing the commotion and startle the spirits who see this as an opportunity to possess the beings in order to free them from their turmoil. A great chase ensues with the pupils using any means possible to escape from their ensuing spirits.

The only weapon against the spirits is the dawning sunshine and so the adventure begins with the pupils having to escape from the chasing spirits and hope that dawn breaks and the sunshine engulfs the supernatural, imploding them back to their world. Will they survive?
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