Breath of Souls

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Breath of Souls was commissioned by Weyland and Yvonne Roberts. It was composed especially for the 100th National Brass band Championships of Great Britain at the Royal Albert hall on October 15th 2011.

Weyland has worked in science for many years and has always been fascinated by nature's capacity to grow and rebuild regardless of Mother Nature's catastrophic power. This is evident with the news of tsunami, forest fires, earthquakes and volcanic disasters around the world where animals, plant life and humans have overcome adversity and have demonstrated that unique regenerative quality.

Speaking about the piece composer Paul Lovatt-Cooper commented: "With Breath of Souls I wanted to compose a piece of music that was a celebration of life. Not only that, but a piece of music that from the very first notes heard in the percussion and cornets, is bustling with activity, emulating that in life everything that is living has a soul and breathes - nothing stays still and everything keeps moving and growing.

Just like life itself Breath of Souls also grows musically with each bar. You will hear many and various motifs and ideas grow and develop as the piece develops."

An extra conductor's score can be ordered here.
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