Vitae Aeternum

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This piece is recommended for a concert finale, suitable for 1st section bands and upwards. Circa 10 minutes.

Three Salvation Army songs are featured in ‘Vitae Aeternum’. Two - 'God came in Jesus to live among us' and 'I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart' - have music written by Colonel Dick Krommenhoek. The music of the third song, ‘His Provision’, is composed by Ivor Bosanko.

'God came in Jesus to live among us' is mostly used at Christmas time and talks about Jesus, who is God’s great gift to the world. Through Jesus, God’s light has come into the world, offering hope to all people of all nations - hope for a new world without war, fear, pain and sorrow. Christians are challenged to help build this new Kingdom of God.
I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart' is directly taken from Psalm 9:1 & 2. The Psalms are not meant to be read, but to be sung! Those who have experienced the love of God through Jesus his Son are so excited about this that they cannot stop singing. That is why there is so much emphasis in The Salvation Army on music and song!

The lyrics of 'His Provision' are by a retired General of The Salvation Army, John Gowans. It is the Christian’s prayer to God’s Holy Spirit for restoration, power and comfort - a prayer which is based on God’s assurance that he will provide for all our need.

Vitae Aeternum combines elements of each of the songs to create a finale befitting any concert.
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