A Christmas Finale

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A rousing finale to any Christmas concert suitable for 2nd section bands and upwards. Circa 7’35”.

One of the things that make my Christmas holiday really enjoyable is the music. With that, I mean all of it, from Christmas carols to Christmas number one’s in the pop charts. It’s the music that adds to the whole atmosphere and excitement for me and so with this piece I wanted to provide both the listener and performer with an exciting Christmas musical experience.

I have picked some of my favourite carols and songs and arranged them to give you a collection of pieces that you can enjoy. Also, when put together, it provides both performer and listener with a big finale piece that would make a great ending to any Christmas concert.

Featured on 2 recording(s)

The Black Dyke Christmas Carol - Black Dyke Band
Carols & Brass - Black Dyke Band and Halifax Choral Society
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