Composition - Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond was commissioned by Duncan Beckley to celebrate the memory of
Peter Kitson, musician, bandsman, mentor and friend. Circa 7'30"
       Section: 1+

Peter took a 14 year old Duncan under his wing, providing guidance and friendship for over 40 years. This commission
is a modern piece for a forward thinking musician who always went 'Above and
Above and Beyond has been composed as an exciting concert finale. The opening section is up-tempo and using fragments of the main middle section is full of excitement and drive. With an aleatoric close and a bridging section led by the soprano, the music moves into the romantic middle section.
In this section, you hear the beautiful main melody that starts with the Solo Cornet and then returns in the glory of the full ensemble. With a huge climax, the middle movement closes and proceeds to the finale section.
This finale section incorporates melodic fragments from the opening section.
However, this finale builds to an exciting close as you hear the recapitulation of the main middle movement performed by the full ensemble.
'Above and Beyond' was commissioned by my dear friend Duncan Beckley.

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