Composition - From your Smile

'From your Smile' was commissioned by Gary and Leanne Curtin for the birth of their son Jamie. It was composed for Gary's latest solo CD entitled Eiretime .Duration c3'20"       Section: 4+

With this particular piece I wanted to compose a lovely gentle melody to reflect Jamie. You hear this in the opening theme in the solo euphonium. Also, with Gary's roots based in Ireland I wanted to include a Celtic feel to the melody. This comes in the second theme from the ensemble followed by the soloist.
After the return of the melody, the music then builds with a change of key with the original theme performed by the ensemble and the soloist soaring above with a countermelody. The bond between father and son is a unique one and the music concludes with a fragment from
the opening melody line from the soloist as I envisage Gary holding Jamie safely in his arms as he rocks him to sleep.

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