Composition - Aureum

Aureum was composed to celebrate the Golden Wedding Anniversary of John and Jennifer Ward on December 7th 2018. This composition is based on a beautiful 10-bar melody that grows and develops throughout the piece.       Section: 4+

The melody enters in the Euphonium after the gentle introduction from the upper brass, then develops as it is taken over by the solo cornet. After a short bridging section led by the solo cornets Aureum changes key and builds as our main theme returns. It is performed by the cornets and flugel horns with counter-melodies from the lower brass and celebratory wedding bells from the percussion.

The music then builds to a huge climax before disappearing, leaving a lone mark tree and solo cornet as it brings the piece to a peaceful close. The title is Latin and has been perfectly chosen by John and Jennifers family as it means "Golden". I hope you enjoy performing and listening to Aureum.

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