Composition - The Forces Unleashed

A concert final commissioned by Lincoln based band Market Rasen with funds provided by Arts Council England. Circa 3:30.       Section: 2+

The piece of music depicts a musical portrayal of the battle that took place in Lincoln in 1141 during the famous British civil war known as The Anarchy.

The piece of music starts with musical scenes of Lincoln in flames and smoke as an invasion ensues. Forces of Empress Matilda, led by her illegitimate half brother Robert, first Earl of Gloucester invade the city to do battle with soldiers fighting to defend the city for King Stephen.

The opening section portrays the vigorous fighting between the two armies in the city streets. There are some short moments of musical rest from the battle as the leaders plan their next strategic moves, before the battle ensues again.

Concluding with the chords heard at the opening movement - depicting the end of battle for another day. The music then changes to a more melancholy mood of reflection as the soldiers rest under the moonlight within the picturesque city. This middle movement portrays the emotion and fear that was felt in the city by both soldiers and the city's population.

As morning dawns, our final section of music sees the rise and build as the soldiers prepare for the next day of conflict once more. Using the same musical motifs as the opening, battle ensues again, but this time the music leads to a final dramatic conclusion. This closing section portrays Empress Matilda's forces victorious, as they capture King Stephen.

This dramatic work features a variety of ensemble and soloist sections and provides plenty for the ensemble to work on.

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