Composition - Streamline Peaks

Streamline Peaks was commissioned and composed to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Glassworks Brass Band St-Prex. As the Glassworks Band are based in Switzerland, I used two iconic Swiss elements for my inspiration; the famous Swiss landscapes and their famous Rail system.       Section: 4+

Streamline Peaks is a fast paced exciting concert piece depicting a train journey across the Swiss landscapes.
Starting with a lower brass fanfare, the piece starts its journey. It soon builds a head of steam and led by the percussion the piece begins it fast paced journey around the mountains.

There are opportunities for soloists and solo groups to stand during the performance.

With these featured soloists and ensemble sections, the music paints a descriptive picture of the Swiss landscapes. At rehearsal figure H; this middle movement allows for a moment of reflection lead by the solo cornets before taking us back to our original tempo.

This final section, led by the drum kit and developing the material from earlier sections, the piece builds to a big finale, concluding our musical train journey.

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