Composition - With His First Breath

"With His First Breath" is the lovely slow melody taken from the middle movement of my larger work Breath of Souls. It has been composed for performance by any B-flat soloist within the ensemble - Cornet, Euphonium, Baritone, Flugel or Trombone.       Section: 4+

Starting with a short introduction the soloist enters, performing the main theme with simple accompaniment from the ensemble. After a short interlude the main theme is performed again, this time in the new change of key and a lot quieter showing off the soloist’s dynamic control.

The contrasting middle section gives the opportunity for a counter melody by the soloist before a build to the return of the main theme. This time the soloist combines with the ensemble playing part of the main melody and then souring over the ensemble with the countermelody before bringing the piece to a peaceful close.

"With His First Breath" is dedicated to my son, Luca.

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