Composition - Streamline Peaks

Streamline Peaks was commissioned and composed for the Swiss National Quartet
Championships 2017. It was adapted from the original work that was composed for the Glassworks Brass Band St-Prex to celebrate their 100th Anniversary. It is dedicated to my good friends Ivan and Barbara Smith who gave me a day to remember at their wonderful Model Railway Village.
       Section: 2

Streamline Peaks is a fast paced exciting work depicting a train journey across the Swiss landscapes. Starting with a majestic fanfare, the piece builds and starts its journey. It soon accelerates to a faster tempo as the piece begins it fast paced journey around the mountains.

There are solo opportunities for each of the instrumentalists and plenty of rhythmic complexities to test the ensemble as a whole. The piece takes both player and audience members on a exciting romantic journey through the beautiful landscapes that Switzerland has to offer.

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